Where has the time flown?

I think about my blog a lot; have taken photos and jotted down ideas intending to blog about them. Then somehow the time (and inclination) slips by, and I realize it’s been more than a year since I posted anything.
A spam comment has prompted me to return, sheepish at my lack of effort.
Travelling has been a big theme for me in the past couple of months. I have hosted the Flat Mark Twins from Wenatchee, Washington as part of a Flat Stanley School Project (more on that in an upcoming post—really), travelled to the Comox Valley a number of times, Campbell River with my friend Lisa for Fibre Fest, and most recently to Camp Gilwell for Girl Guide camp
I realized that I miss camping at this particular Boy Scout camp, north of the Comox Valley; I feel so fortunate to have shared it with some of my Girl Guides, at a camp hosted by my former unit in Courtenay. Not only did I get to camp in a tent for three nights, but I went digging for fossils on the Puntledge River courtesy of the Courtenay Museum and Pat Trask, who was recently lauded by his paleontological peers for all the work he has done in the field in the past couple of decades. I had the opportunity to pick up a bow and arrow again for the first time in years (and am sporting a nice purple bruise on the inside of my elbow, thanks to the fact they only had a right-handed bow and I shoot left), but more importantly enjoyed watching the Guides try the sport for the first time.
In a really short time, I am going back to Nova Scotia to visit my sister and her family, and am looking forward to the Maritimes again. I am proud to say my sister is graduating with her nursing degree from the University of New Brunswick, and I am going to her graduation.
On the way home I will stop in Ottawa to visit various other relatives for a week. I love our nation’s capital, and not just because my favourite uncle happens to live there.
Later this summer, I hope to visit my first Canadian territory, the Yukon, with my Ranger group, for a brief taste of the north.
I will endeavour to share some of these experiences sooner than later. Now that I’ve put it in writing and put it out there in the blogosphere, the pressure is on to make it so!
Until then, may I share three of my favourite blogs, all written by friends. One feeds my psyche (http://www.inspirationowl.com/), one feeds my inner (and completely inept) foodie (http://www.patentandthepantry.com/) and one feeds my love of (other people’s) adventure (http://2lovecycling.com/).

About susiequinn

I'm a journalist with a pen, notebook, camera and pilot's licence in my toolkit, and a passion for telling people's stories.
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2 Responses to Where has the time flown?

  1. Mrs. Quinn says:

    How nice to see you back here. Looking forward to reading more 😊

  2. Martin says:

    Hey Susie…I’m looking forward to following you round as your adventures continue. Love to you and yours.

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